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You are welcome to attend the monthly open meetings of the Lancaster Dialogue, for all or part of the day, and to read the information on here and contact us with any questions you have about the meetings.

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Meetings in 2018

We are expecting to meet on the following dates in 2018, at the Quaker Meeting House in Lancaster, 10.30am – 1.30pm, and 3pm – 6pm:

(also on 4th Nov 2017, 2nd Dec 2017)

6th January

3rd February

3rd March

7th April

5th or 12th May (please check before attending)

2nd June

7th July

4th August

1st September

6th October

3rd November

1st December.

(There are also two other dialogue groups in Lancaster, one on a Sunday evening, and one on a Wednesday evening. Get in touch if you want some further details)

Meetings in 2016

We are meeting on the first Saturday of the month, except where it clashes with a Bank Holiday Monday.

Jan 9
Feb 6
Mar 5th
April 2nd
May 7th
Jun 4th
Jul 2nd
Aug 6th
Sep 3rd
Oct 1st
Nov 5th
Dec 3rd.

We expect to continue in 2017, beginning with

Jan 7th

Feb 4th

Mar 4th, etc.

Meeting Days for 2015

We are meeting on the first Saturday of the month, except where it clashes with a Bank Holiday Monday.

Jan 3rd
Feb 7th
Mar 7th
April 11th (avoiding the Easter Weekend)
May 9th (avoiding the early May Bank Holiday)*
Jun 6th
Jul 4th
Aug 1st
Sep 5th
Oct 3rd
Nov 7th
Dec 5th

[* parking on site is usually very limited, but in May there will be no space at all, so please arrange to park elsewhere]

The Rheomode


from “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” by David Bohm (Routledge Classics)


In the previous chapter it has been pointed out that our thought is fragmented, mainly by our taking it for an image or model of ‘what the world is’. The divisions in thought are thus given disproportionate importance, as if they were a widespread and pervasive structure of independently existent actual breaks in ‘what is’, rather than merely convenient features of description and analysis. Such thought was shown to bring about a thoroughgoing confusion that tends to permeate every phase of life, and that ultimately makes impossible the solution of individual and social problems. We saw the urgent need to end this confusion, through giving careful attention to the one-ness of the content of thought and the actual process of thinking which produces this content.

In this chapter the main emphasis will be to inquire into the role of language structure in helping to bring about this sort of fragmentation in thought. Though language is only one of the important factors involved in this tendency, it is clearly of key importance in thought, in communication, and in the organization of human society in general. Continue reading

Dialogue Dates for 2014 (updated)

We will continue to meet on the first Saturday of each month, except when the following Monday is a bank holiday (which makes the commute much more difficult for those living some distance away, as well as family commitments).

Jan 4th, Feb 1st, March 1st, April 5th

May 3rd. I’m afraid this is the bank holiday weekend: avoiding the early May bank holiday is not possible this year because of bookings at the Friend’s Meeting House.

June 7th, July 5th

August 2nd (the 4th is NOT a Bank Holiday in England)

Sept 6th, October 4th, November 1st and December 6th.

Meeting Dates for 2013

These dates are now confirmed.
Sat 5 January
Sat 2 February
Sat 2 March
Sat 6 April
Sat 11 May (* see below)
Sat 1 June
Sat 6 July
Sat 3 August
Sat 7 September
Sat 5 October
Sat 2 November
Sat 7 December

(* on the 11th May the car park will be very busy, and visitors will have to park on the roads nearby)