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You are welcome to attend the monthly open meetings of the Lancaster Dialogue, for all or part of the day, and to read the information on here and contact us with any questions you have about the meetings.

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Meetings in 2019

We plan to meet at 10.30am – 6.00pm on these dates (ALL are first monthly Saturdays):

5th Jan    2nd Feb    2nd Mar    6th Apr

4th May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

1st Jun    6th Jul    3rd Aug    7th Sep

5th Oct   2nd Nov   7th Dec

and in 2020:  4th Jan     1st Feb





Next Meeting is 8th September 2018

Due to a block booking in the meeting house in September, we have had to change from our usual first Saturday, to the Second Saturday.

Back to our normal first Saturday in October.

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Wholeness Regained – an article by Lee Nichol

One of our number came across this very interesting article from the Krishnamurti Information Network. I reproduce the first few words here, with a link at the end to the whole article on their website.

Wholeness Regained – Revisiting Bohm’s Dialogue
by Lee Nichol | February 2001

Lee Nichol is editor of The Essential David Bohm (Routledge) and a former teacher at Oak Grove School in Ojai, California

Beginning in 1985, David Bohm put forward a series of propositions regarding a new vision for contemporary dialogue. This vision received considerable attention throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. But despite such widespread interest in Bohm’s vision, the sustainability of dialogue seems to have been erratic, even meager.

Shortly before his death in 1992, David Bohm made a curious remark regarding the vagaries of dialogue. The conversation had to do with why dialogue groups struggled so much, why many people felt discouraged with the process after serious and sustained attempts to exploit its potential. ‘I think people are not doing enough work on their own, apart from the dialogue groups,’ Bohm offered.(reference given)

This observation seems paradoxical, not least because dialogue is by general definition a collaborative process, and by Bohm’s definition one which seeks to move beyond a sense of strict individualism and open into a domain of collective,participatory fellowship. The notion of working ‘on one’s own’ would seem to circumvent the very essence of dialogue itself.

We can begin to unravel this paradox by……..<Link to whole article>

8th September 2018

The monthly dialogue has been moved from the 1st to the 8th, times as usual.

This is due to a function at the Friends Meeting House on the 1st, using the whole building.

I’ve changed the date on the 2018 diary posting below.

25th Birthday Party

We invited members who have attended the dialogue for whom we have up-to-date contact details, to our meeting on February 3rd.

As well as the cake shown below, we had lunch together in the Friends Meeting House.


Meetings in 2018

We are expecting to meet on the following dates in 2018, at the Quaker Meeting House in Lancaster, 10.30am – 1.30pm, and 3pm – 6pm:

6th January

3rd February (Our 25th Birthday!)

3rd March

7th April

12th May

2nd June

7th July

4th August

8th September (this date has changed due to a booking conflict)

6th October

3rd November

1st December.

(There are also two other dialogue groups in Lancaster, one on a Sunday evening, and one on a Wednesday evening. Get in touch if you want some further details)