About Lancaster Dialogue

A Brief History.

The group has been meeting each month, since February 1993, in the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster. Some have attended regularly since the early meetings. Others come occasionally, or have only found out about the group recently, and then attended. People come from different parts of the country as well as from the North West.

When the group was first formed, the intention was to provide an opportunity to explore in practice David Bohm’s proposals regarding dialogue, thought and consciousness. His thinking was in part developed through the extraordinary conversations with the Indian teacher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, which took place during their long friendship.

For many reasons, including the fact that we have been meeting for 20 years, and are not a large group, it would not be strictly accurate to describe ourselves as a Bohm Dialogue group, as described here(link).

However, we continue to meet for a day each month, and attempt to use the time to attend to the processes and tacit assumptions of thought as closely and carefully as we are able.